Now send SMS across the globe from any where at just one click with our simple and eazy to use web interface. Now send SMS to USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, Australia, China, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. We cover almost all the possible networks worldwide.


We deliver SMS to all GSM and CDMA Networks all over the world. We have over 800+ operators 200+ direct connections worldwide. We are directly connected with operators around the global to ensure you get the best of the services at the best of the rates available.


Pricing & Coverage

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Our minimum buy plan starts from as low as 15 Euro. You can also buy as per your requirement, e.g. 50 Euro, 75 Euro and so on. No Euro expiry, just recharge your account once in a year.


Euros Applicable Rate
15 - 500 Euro Standard list rate
501 - 1000 Euro 0.001 Euro discount on list rate
1001 Euro & above 0.002 Euro discount on list rate


Payment Options

Online Payment (Debit-Credit Card) / PayPal / Bank Wire Transfer


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Note : We are against spamming. If found sending spam messages account will get blocked immeditely and there shall be no refund if any.


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