Transactional Service SMS (Implicit/Explicit)

Transactional Service SMS has two type of messages.
Service Imlicit - is used by all the entities excluding banks to send OTP and Alerts to their registered customer.
Service Explicit - is used from sending promotional messages to registered customer after getting customer constent.


  • Instant Delivery
  • Send SMS to DND & Non DND Numbers
  • Your own Sender ID (6 Alpha characters)
  • Delivery Report within seconds
  • Easy to use Interface/ Web Panel
  • Secured HTTPS SMS API to integrate in your application
  • SMS API Supports PHP, JAVA, .net, C++, C#, Phython, javascript etc.
  • One click Live Support
  • All in one panel (Promotion SMS/ Transaction SMS/ International SMS)

Operative demo account


Register for a demo to understand how you can send Service Impilict / Expilict messages to your customer. Once you like the service after testing, you can go ahead and buy online, credits will be added to your account instantly.